April 15, 2009

Confinement practices

Chinese confinement practices:

1) No bathing for 12 days after birth

2) No exposing ourselves and we must wrapped ourselves including wear socks

3) No drinking of water except soups and special rice tea and dates tea

4) No climbing stairs

5) No vegetables and most foods

source : http://www.chineseconfinementfoods.com

My mum's confinement practices = Chinese + Bidayuh

1. If C-sec, no bath for 7 days; if normal deliver can bath once a day for 30 days. With special leaves (sisuoh).

2. No washing hair for 30 days.

3. No plain water, only warm water. (I still take plain water, cannot tahan the hot weather)

4. Wear socks (especially at night)

5. Cover your hair (nanti angin masuk kepala)

Food :
6. Prawn and crab - if c-sec, cannot take for 6 months, if normal, 1 months

7. Yam, pineapple, rabung - cannot take for 3 months.

8. Vege - try to avoid water spinach, bean sprouts, cucumber, leaf mustard, cabbage.

9. No bread/bun/pau for me, mum said nanti kembang dalam perut, can make you buncit. Take crackers instead.


One Other ... said...

Calling it 'confinement' sounds so superstitious. Prefer to call it 'Doctor's advice' or 'Medical Best Practices'.

lvynana said...

If follow 'Doctor's advice', I think anything can do.
'Medical Best Practices', yup that sound less 'scary'.