April 14, 2009

Foods to avoid constipation during confinement

One of the painful and scariest thing after giving birth is to pass motion. Bowel movement will cause some pain to the stitching as we need to exert and it will slightly hurts the episiotomy. Therefore, it is very important to avoid getting constipated.

We can easily get constipation because of the foods we ate and the lack of liquid we drink. The other reason is when we did not move enough.

So, remember to :

1) Drink a lot of liquids;

2) Move a lot, i.e. walk around your hospital wards and do the same at home;

3) Eat lots of fibrous foods;

Chinese moms have been given the wrong diet which usually consists of a lot of meats and rice. These are the sure fire way to get constipation.

Here are my recommended solution to avoid constipation :

1) Prune juice. Get a bottle and bring along to the hospital. Mix it with warm water and drink it every morning and at every meal.

2) Prunes. It is nice to snack on them for the extra fibres

3) Oats - Great for producing more breastmilk, healthy and most of all, gives bulk to your stools

4) Vegetables and fruits.

5) Vegetarian soy products. These may give you some wind but taken with ginger, it is a good fibrous alternatives to meat.

Most moms are not allowed to take banana. But I must mention that if you take banana with rice, it will cause you severe constipation. Banana can cause constipation instead of helping when taken with the wrong type of foods. Note that.

Usually, your doctor will give you some laxatives to help you along. However, avoid taking them after a few days because you do not want to become dependent on it. So, cut down on the amount and eventually stay off laxatives. Remember, if you are constipated and cannot pass motion, ask your doctor for help and don’t suffer in silent.

source : http://www.chineseconfinementfoods.com

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