April 14, 2009

Preventive Measures Of Allergies At Pregnancy

Heredity is one of the major factors in determining whether a child has an allergy. Tendency of a child towards allergy could be while being breastfed, during the mother’s pregnancy and while being introduced to foods. One can find out how allergies may be the cause of a child’s health problems.

Preventive measures during pregnancy:

Breastfeeding - Feeding babies with solid foods during their first six months of life could increase their risk of developing allergies. The best way to prevent allergies later in childhood is to breastfeed them during the first six months.

Avoid unnecessary medicines - Unless and until it is absolutely necessary, a pregnant women should not risk taking any allergy medications. DO not take anything without your doctor’s permission.

Avoid herbs during pregnancy - Pregnant must avoid several herbs as they tend to cause skin allergies.

Special Formula May Reduce Allergies in Infants - By means of some of the same ingredients that are found in breast milk scientists have developed a new formula. This formula helps in preventing allergies in infants. The infants who are at high risk for developing the allergic condition are helped through this formula by reducing their eczema.

Over breastfeeding invite allergies:

A study on 200 mothers for a period of 20-years at the Helsinki Skin and Allergy Hospital in Finland, indicates that breastfeeding a child for nine months can increase the food sensitivity and the risk of allergies.

Peanuts during pregnancy - Peanuts are believed to cause allergies. They are avoided during pregnancy and lactation.

Avoid tobacco - Avoid tobacco and its products at the time of pregnancy.

Physical Exercise - Consult your doctor whether its OK to do some mild exercise as it has been observed that exercise at the later part of pregnancy can cause allergic reactions.

I hope you will find this information helpful. Needless to say, always consult your doctor before following these advices.

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