July 11, 2013

Avocado drink

This is my favourite way of taking/eating avocados..

-Fresh milk
-Palm sugar/Gula melaka/ gula apong

-Blend avocado with fresh milk.
-Serve cold with gula melaka/apong.

Blend avocado and milk together

Result after the blend

Serve cold with generous amount of gula apong/melaka (here I add in more fresh milk right before serving)

*the secret ingredient for this drink is the gula melaka, without that you wont be getting the best result.
**use less milk to serve as dessert; use more milk to serve as drink.


Rose said...

I dont really fancy avocado because of its "fatty" taste, but I havent try an avocado drink. Should taste nicer with milk.

Ez Vina said...

Very nice :)
The palm sugar is a must!