December 26, 2015

Simple Florentine Crispy Almond Cookies

250g Florentine flour
250g Almond slices
100g Pumpkin seed
1 teaspoon Black sesame

Pizza cutter
Baking paper/silicone paper


1. Alaskan baking tray dengan Baking paper/silicone paper.

2. Mix florentine flour, almond slices and pumpkin seed in a bowl.

3. Tuang atas baking tray, ratakan dgn kemas.

4. Taburkan black sesame.

5. Bakar api atas dan bwh suhu 160°c for 10 minutes.

6. When it turns brown,  immediately take it out and cut using the pizza cutter.

7. Leave it to cool about 10 minutes and it will harden.

1st trial Christmas 2015


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