August 4, 2014

Tempoyak goreng

This is something that you can find in Sarawak easily, but not in other parts of Malaysia.  This recipe is very simple and might vary from one person to another; its all depends on one's preference.  And this is how I like em.

Lets start by making some Tempoyak:

If you have any left over durian, just remove the seed and mix it with a bit of salt.  Keep it in a container and store in the fridge. I like to keep my tempoyak in the fridge to prevent it from getting sour.  This tempoyak can last for month or years if it is done correctly.  If you notice the tempoyak turns watery and smell the bad alcohol, then it is time to discharge it away.

Now to fried the tempoyak, here's the recipe:

  • 1 Bawang merah dipotong halus
  • 1/2 cawan Minyak
  • 1 cawan Tempoyak
  • 1/3 cawan Gula
  • 1-2 Cili besar dipotong

Optional ingredients:
1/2 cawan 3-layer pork
1/2 cawan buah kepayang
1/2 cawan ikan bilis

  1. Panaskan kuali, masukkan minyak (make sure to use a generous amount of oil to prevent the tempoyak from sticking to the pan).
  2. Goreng bawang (bersama bahan optional) sehingga keluar bau.
  3. Masukkan tempoyak dan gula.
  4. Gaul, masukkam cili dan gaul lagi sehingga warna bertukar keperangan.
  5. Boleh la dihidang dan dimakan dengan nasi putih.

July 2014
August 2013
  1. My version of tempoyak goreng is more to sweet side.
  2. Kalau guna tempoyak beli, kadang tempoyak tu dah dijeruk dengan gula, masa goreng tu tambah garam, jangan tambah gula lagi untuk mengimbangkan rasa masin manis.


Rose said...

I tasted tempoyak durian for first time on Raya day. ^^

Sweet and overwhelming.

Sharon D said...

Thank you for sharing, Ez..was waiting for this! Looks too good not to try ^.^